Welcome to AZLithium - Lithium Power!

Lithium Ion battery isn't the future, it's present.  Salvaged Lithium Ion from wrecked electric vehicle is a great way to recycled perfectly good battery that can outperform and outlast traditional Lead/AGM by miles.  Lithium battery can be use for countless applications from Off Grid Solar (Cabin, Home, RV), Golf Cart, Electric Motorcycle, ATV and even electric Boat.

We offer a wide variety of Lithium cells and modules like the famous Chevy Volt 24v, 48v to Nissan Leaf, Ford Cmax, Smart For Two, BMW I3 ect.

Website is still a work in progress, please contact us via email if you have any questions or inquiry about our products.  We have other battery/products that's hasn't been list here yet.   email:   azlithium@gmail.com